A survey on projects/initiatives, feasibility and regulatory framework to integrate data centres in energy/water utility systems
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Background and GDPR consent *

The European Commission has commissioned a study on the topic of integrating data centres into utility grids. It includes different topics on heat reuse, energy saving / power flexibility and water reuse/ water saving.

The first part of this survey is used to collect information on projects and initiatives in this field. In the second part, we would like to ask you on feasibility of those measures. In the third and last part, we would like to ask you on public acceptance and legislative/regulatory acts. Almost all questions are voluntary. Please only answer the questions in which you feel competent.

More information on the study: https://www.borderstep.org/projekte/optimising-synergies-between-data-centres-and-energy-systems/

Privacy consent: The aim of our survey is to provide a mapping of initiatives and projects on data centre integration in utility grids (electricity/heat/water) and to get high level feedback on feasibility. Furthermore, information is collected on public opposition to data center projects. At the end, you can voluntarily leave us your personal contact information if you are willing to give a phone interview with more in-depth information. However, the data will only be used for this project and the individual answers will not be passed on to third parties, only anonymized or aggregated results will be published. You also have the right to information and deletion of your personal data from the information carrier in accordance with data protection regulations. You can revoke this declaration of consent at any time by sending an e-mail to hinterholzer@borderstep.de. After revocation your data will be deleted irrevocably.

What type of institution are you employed by?

What sectors are you active in?

In which country is your company (headquarters) located?

Do you know one or more research projects, initiatives or implementations (in your company or external) related to the integration of data centres into utility grids (e.g. optimising excess storage or generation, capacity, balancing workloads, demand response, frequency regulation, heat reuse, saving and reuse of water, etc...)? *